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Corporate & Compliance Services

As premier business consultants in Kerala, PridePaths is your ideal partner for corporate services and compliance. Leveraging decades of on-the-ground expertise in Kerala's commercial landscape, we deliver customized solutions for local businesses. PridePaths offers end-to-end capabilities spanning company formation, governance and valuations.

Strategic Management Consulting

PridePaths excels as creative marketing consultants in Kerala, specializing in Strategic Management Consulting while guiding businesses towards efficient, sustainable growth. We bring together innovation and expertise when assisting clients with critical areas like Systems Analysis & Design, Growth & Expansion Management, and Risk Mitigation & Adaptability.

Branding & Marketing Consulting

As trusted business consultants in Kerala, our Company provides top-tier Branding & Marketing solutions for regional brands. With unparalleled expertise in the local market, we elevate Kerala brands by crafting targeted strategies focused on Brand Identity, Marketing, Advertising, PR and more. Our consultants leverage deep insights into consumer behavior across the state to boost brand engagement and sales.

Media Production & Corporate Events

As creative marketing consultants in Kerala, we specialize in Media Production & Corporate Events, covering Media Planning & Production, End-to-End Event Solutions, and Media Certification and Publishing. We create captivating experiences and content for your success.

Web & Software Development

As growth management consultants in Kerala, we elevate your online presence with cutting-edge website development tailored to your business. Trust our experts to build stunning, user-friendly websites that engage your audience and achieve realistic growth objectives for your company.

Why choose us

Unlock Revenue Growth for Your Business

  • Branding
  • Market Positioning
  • Employee Optimization
  • Advance Marketing

Our Digital Brand

Presence Packages

45,000 Per month

Perfect for Professional
  • Employee
    Optimization plan
  • Hierarchy Curation
  • Job Description
  • KPA & KPI Integration
  • Employee Scorecard
    Curation & Implimentation

65,000 Per month

Perfect for Professional
  • Ai Integration
    With Work
  • Brand Repositioning
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Offline Market
    Penetration Tools
  • Implementation & Monitoring

45,000 Per month

Perfect for Professional
  • Social Media Post : 12
  • Reel Video : 4
  • Lead Generation Campaign :


  • Follow Campaign :


  • Reach Campaign :


  • Engagement Campaign : 60%